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*Established in 2004 ....... Celebrating 16 years of helping people overcome the #1 Home Fire Cause -- Cooking !........... and much more !!

Information and education, the right equipment, planning, and practice provide you with an effective "integrated " approach to fire & life safety, and a solution to the enormous and tragic fire problem in the United States of America.
From our home on the web, you can acquire all the information and equipment you need to make your life safer. You can determine what you will need, and then buy quality fire and life safety products to meet that need — and have them sent directly to your door. 
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Automatic Fire Suppression for your Residential Cooking Equipment

USA fire problem #1 cause.

Please leave it to the professionals

 ... and to the Guardian System !


According to the National Fire Protection Association,
cooking is the #1 cause of home structure fires and home fire injuries.


In 2013-2017, there were an average of 173,200 home fires that involved cooking equipment in the U.S., resulting in an average of 550 deaths, 5,020 injuries, and $1.2 billion in direct property damage.

Cooking has been the leading cause of home fires and home fire injuries for many years, and the second leading cause of home fire deaths. (smoking is still #1)

    -- Unattended cooking is the leading contributing factor.

    -- Thanksgiving and Christmas are the peak days for home cooking fires.

    -- Frying is the leading type of activity associated with cooking fires.

    -- Electric stoves/ranges are more likely involved, compared to gas appliances.

    -- CPSC found that 83% of frying fires began in the first 15 minutes of cooking.

    -- Under 5 years of age and 65 and over are more likely to be injured or killed.

    -- More than half of reported cooking fire injuries occurred when

       victims tried to fight the fire themselves.

  These GUARDIAN residential range-top automatic fire suppression systems can help keep you from becoming a statistic !

       *See more from the National Fire Protection Association on cooking fires (Click Here).


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"I told you, ... I didn't do it !"

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Please, practice fire prevention and life safety all-year-long !


To see a countdown clock for Fire Prevention Week, click here.

FPW commemorates the Great Chicago Fire (1871); ... and the Peshtigo Fire was worse.



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9/11/2001 ... We will never forget their sacrifice !

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