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   Q. What activates the system, heat or smoke ?   

     A. System sensors are heat activated.

Q. At what temperature does the system activate ?

    A.  360~370 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q. How long does it take to activate once a fire is detected ?

      A. 15~30 seconds. Electronic sensing circuitry is designed to prevent premature activation, so a small flash of flame will not immediately set-off the system.

Q. Does the system completely discharge upon activation ?

A. Yes.

Q. How long does it take to completely discharge the extinguishing agent ?

   A. 40~45 seconds.

Q. What type of extinguishing agent is in the cylinder ?

   A. A liquid fire suppression agent. This is a potassium carbonate solution that covers the hot cooking medium, forming a barrier from air that smothers the fire and prevents reflash.

Q. How much liquid fire suppression agent is the cylinder ?

   A. 5 pounds by weight, or approximately 58 oz.

Q. Does the liquid fire suppression agent reaction with hot cooking medium leave a mess to clean-up ?

   A. Much, much less than any dry-chemical system or portable extinguisher. After discharge, the entire "mess" can be cleaned-up with soap and water. *For some, a mild irritant, so wear rubber/nitrile gloves during clean-up.

Q. Is the system rechargeable ?

   A. Yes; it recharges the same way a portable fire extinguisher does. Just find a reputable fire extinguisher contractor in your area, or contact iFLSS (

Q. Are the nozzles in a fixed position ?

           A. Yes and No; the nozzle assembly is magnetically attached to the underside of the exhaust hood, and they have swivels to allow proper positioning. The Owner's Manual contains positioning instructions.

Q. Does the system provide for fuel/power shut-off ?

   A. Yes; either gas or electric supply is shut-off by the central processing unit, that is connected by low-voltage cable to the automatic shut-off. Wireless shut-off is an option (not recommended for noisy areas).

Q. Can this fire suppression system be installed by a handy homeowner without special tools ?

    A. Yes; no special skills, tools, or knowledge are required. An Owner's Manual is included with every system, and can be downloaded from this web site. It contains installation, operation, and maintenance instructions.

Q. Is this system listed by a reputable national testing agency ?

    A. Yes; this system meets the rigorous testing standards of Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) Subject 300A for Residential and Light Commercial Fire Protection.

Q. What kind of maintenance is required ?

    A. Change the battery annually; Visually inspect the pressure gauge, nozzles, and temperature sensors monthly and clean when necessary; Pressurized extinguishing agent cylinder must be hydrostatically tested only every 12 years.

Q. What power source is used to operate the system ?

    A. A 9-volt alkaline battery operates the main control unit, and an additional 9-volt battery operates the gas shut-off. The electric shut-off operates on supply current. An optional A/C adapter is available.

Q. Is there a low battery warning built into the system ?

    A. Yes indeed; when the battery drops to 7 volts, a high-pitched "chirp" will sound every 45 seconds.

Q. Can the system be connected to an alarm system ?

    A. Yes; we wouldn't have it any other way. An alarm interface module allows you to connect to a fire or security alarm system or auto-dialer of your choice.



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