*See the systems, determine your needs, send me some information on your job, along with your contact information, and I'll put it all together in a proposal or an invoice and return it to you.

Following is your special iFLSS Do-It-Yourself (DYI) pricing.

Research other web sites or systems, then come on back to get your "Lowest Total Price" Guarantee.

A small investment can buy you a lot of "peace of mind" !

*Sorry, but there has been another price increase, effective April 1st, 2021 (No Foolin !)

Guardian G600B

Complete Guardian G600B system, with electric or gas shut-off and interconnecting cable; battery operated; with Owner's Manual for installation and maintenance instructions. Automatic shut-off is included (not shown). Can be used under microwave/vent-hood units and range-hoods with flush-face filters inderneath.
Maximum of 720 square inches of coverage (30" x 24").


 (Electric Range) iFLSS-DIY price: $2,094.75  (MSRP $2,756.25) You Save $661.50 ! (24% OFF !)[Don't forget to tell us your type of electrical connection, ]
4-prong plug connection or 3-prong plug connection or hard-wired connection

 (Gas Range) iFLSS-DIY price: $2,433.90  (MSRP $3,202.50) You Save $768.60 ! (24% OFF !)

*For the G600B system, you will need a "System Install/Testing Tool": Add $75.81 (MSRP $99.75; Save $23.94)


Include an Alarm Interface Assembly, for connection to your alarm system.
(Model G500B and G600B only)


    iFLSS-DIY price: $219.45     (MSRP $288.75) You save $69.30 ! (24% OFF !)

RF Transmitter

Include a Wireless RF Transmitter/Receiver, with AC/DC adapter built-in.
(Model G600B only)


     iFLSS-DIY price: $299.25     (MSRP $393.75) You save $94.50 ! (24% OFF !)


Include a remote activation switch, aka. "Pull Station". Comes with 30' of cable and proper signage.
(Model G500B and G600B only)


     iFLSS-DIY price: $259.35    (MSRP $341.25) You save $81.90 ! (24% OFF !)


Include a remote alarm sounder/strobe combination, for hearing impaired, high-noise area, absence of alarm system, or similar.  (All Models)


    iFLSS-DIY price: $319.20     (MSRP $420.00You save $100.80 ! (24% OFF !)


Recharge kit for all systems' supply tank, complete with suppression agent, spring, valve-neck o-ring, and valve stem.  (All Models)

     iFLSS-DIY price: $87.78     (MSRP $115.50You save $27.72 ! (24% OFF !)


Wet Chemical portable fire extinguisher; Class K; 6 liter capacity; Cylinder Material is Stainless Steel; Operating Pressure is 100 psi; Discharge Time is 53 seconds; Effective Range is 12 feet; Height is 19 in x 7 in. round; Wall Hanger bracket; 23 pounds. Rechargable; Refills are available. Ships ready to use.

*This is not part of the basic system, but provides a "second shot" if necessary. This PFE can also be a manual, "stand-alone" system, and can be used on fires involving ordinary combustible materials (1A; K rating). Sometimes required.

 iFLSS-DIY price: *$225.00  (Retail up to $300.00) You save $75.00 !

[Please add $25.00 shipping; *Total of $250.00 delivered]

We will need your complete street shipping address and City, State, & Zip Code.......

Shipping to the lower 48 states (US) is by FedEx Ground service. This is considered a hazardous shipping item [similar to a portable fire extinguisher], and is somewhat heavy at just under 40 pounds. We can drop-ship to your business or to the job-site, saving you time and money. Someone will need to sign for it, on delivery.

The average cost is $78 for a single system, and $98 for two systems.
Larger orders can save on shipping using truck freight.
Overnight shipping is via FedEx Air Express, beginning at $280 for single system; add $85 more for each additional system.

*Please call or email for air express shipping, or if you're outside of the contiguous 48 states (US).

Orders will be assembled especially for you as ordered--when ordered, and usually ship-out in 24~48 hours.

Normal delivery is 1 to 7 days in the "lower 48", depending on your specific location.

[*You can depend on service after the sale, too !]

*Sorry, but we can no longer afford to extend credit or carry "open" accounts.

However, we can and will save you hundreds of dollars !
Manufacturer's Limited Warranty: Guardian Safety Solutions International, Inc. (GSSI, Inc) warrants to the original consumer its Guardian Range-Top Automatic Fire Protection System (GUARDIAN System) shall be free of defects in materials or workmanship for one (1) year from the date of purchase, under normal residential use. Items/Parts altered or damaged during installation or use or by improper return shipping may not be covered.
Returns Policy: Under no circumstances can goods be returned without prior authorization. Returns, other than for defects, are subject to a 25% restocking fee. No returns will be authorized more than 90 days after delivery date. You must follow packaging and shipping directions carefully for returns. Damage on installation or during the return will not be covered.


*Simply use the form or Contact Information below to email your inquiry, question, or request, and receive a prompt reply. We want to get your customized system right and shipped to you quickly -- the first time.
Just what you need, and nothing that you don't need.

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Click here to request installation, operation, & maintenance instructions (G600B Owner's Manual)

Click here to see the UL listing.
Click here for technical specifications (G600B & G600BC)
Click here to see more on kitchen/cooking safety.
Click here for more information and contact info  (send email)

Click Here for FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for the GUARDIAN III MODEL G300B & G500B (similar performance).

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Get a Customized Price Quote:

Just follow this process to improve the quality of your life,

and make your home, dorm, business, church, base, or fire station much safer !

There are a few variables that will determine the cost of your Guardian III system (G300-B).

 1) Determine your heat source and connection (electric or gas; 4-prong, 3-prong, or directly-wired electrical connection).

 2) Decide what accessories you would benefit from or that are required by code;

 3) Send us an email telling us what your application or occupancy is, in some detail;

 4) Compatibility of the vent hood is very important. The less expensive, steel, simple type of hood, with fan/light in the center and 3- to 4-inch depth, is best. Hoods can be ducted or recirculating type (non-ducted). The G300B and G500B systems require open space underneath the hood for magnetic mounting of the distribution nozzles and temperature sensors.

The Guardian Model G600B was designed for other range-hoods with limited space underneath, such as microwave/vent-hood units and designer hoods with filters covering the opening underneath.

The Guardian Model G600B-C is similar, and was designed for higher vibration applications, such as food trucks, boats, trains, car haulers, and recreational vehicles.

Most island arrangements are not generally compatible, but may be engineered to accommodate the system. The Guardian systems are not compatible with commercial vent hoods.

For solid stainless steel hoods, you will need to fabricate steel mounting plates (foot-plates); small electrical outlet blank covers work well for this and are inexpensive. Many "stainless steel" hoods will still hold a magnet. Please consult the Owner's Manual for proper system installation instructions.
*If you tell me the manufacturer and model number of your vent-hood, I will assess compatibility for you.

 5) Let us know if you have any questions or need more information to make your decision;

 6) Be sure to include your contact information, especially your email and street address for delivery

     (shippers prefer a business address);

 7) We will generate a customized proposal or invoice to your specifications, with prices plainly

     stated, and send it to you via email or as you wish;    [Click Here to Make Your Request]

 8) You can print the invoice and pay with a check, receive a customized credit card payment form, or pay with PayPal and/or your credit card. (You don't have to be a member of PayPal). Other arrangements can be made, by request.


Research other web sites or systems, then come on back to get your "Lowest Total Price" Guarantee.

A small investment can buy you a lot of "peace of mind" !

Also, if you need multiple systems, you can receive an even bigger discount.

The Guardian Systems can be installed easily with no special tools or training-- all the information you need is in the Owner's Manual.
We also have a full line of service, repair, and replacement parts for all Guardian Systems.


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