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 Fire Safety: learn about fire prevention and engineering controls. The more you know,

   the easier it will be to determine what you need to keep you safer. It takes a highly

   trained and dedicated individual to be a firefighter, but fire prevention is everyone's

   job !  If you want to honor a firefighter, "Practice Prevention !"   We'll show you how.


Cooking Fire Safety: learn more about the#1 fire cause in America.

 Kitchen/Cooking Fires: please take a look at the

 Life Safety: learn why it is imperative that you develop an emergency escape plan--

   and practice it ! Also, be sure to learn about two groups of citizens--children and

   seniors--that are at greater risk of injury or death at home--and how to protect them.


 Emergency Preparedness: if a natural emergency (water, wind, earthquake) or 

   technical emergency (hazardous materials, radioactivity, terrorism) occurs in your area,

   local first responders may well be over-extended. You must be prepared to take care of

   yourself for at least 72 hours !


 Workplace Safety: the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, your local

   Fire Marshal, and your employees will love you for implementing proactive fire and life

   safety plans (that are required anyway !) and maintaining code compliance in your small

   business. They will know that you care !


 Information & Education: this should always be free ! Learn why there are

   different types of smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Learn how to make a home

   escape plan--and why (it can save your life). Find many fine links to great sources of

   information on a wide variety of safety topics.


 Equipment: after learning about fire and life safety and emergency preparedness, you

   can more easily decide what you need to make your life safer. We will also be happy to

   help you make your determination, just send us an email or call. We only offer

   dependable, quality products at reasonable prices. We want to make sure you know how

   to properly install, maintain, and use your new equipment. 


 Gifts of Safety: nothing says you care more than a thoughtful gift package. We have

   assembled special gift "kits" that are humorous or whimsical, but always practical. Buy

   one now for house-warming, new baby, wedding, empty nest, college, birthday, or just to

   show you care !




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