*See the systems, determine your needs, send me some information on your job, along with your contact information, and I'll put it all together in a proposal or an invoice and return it to you.

*Here's your Value-Added Guarantee ......

"I'm not just developing sales, I'm looking for working relationships."
"I will meet or beat any other valid offer, or I don't deserve your business ! " 

... plus consulting and support services are generally free...

"I have been involved with fire and life safety for more than 36 years, including public education, professional fire service, code enforcement, fire investigation, and fire protection systems in public, private, business, university, and healthcare settings,
and I look forward to working with you on your next project."

                                           ... David Chaplin, Certified Fire Protection Specialist

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Research other web sites or systems, then come on back to get your "Lowest Total Price" Guarantee.

A small investment can buy you a lot of "peace of mind" !

Also, if you need multiple systems, you can receive an even bigger discount.

The Guardian Systems can be installed easily with no special tools or training-- all the information you need is in the Owner's Manual.
We also have a full line of service, repair, and replacement parts for all Guardian Systems.

Model G300B      Model G500B      Model G600B

*For a standard residential range-hood with open aspect underneath, and for larger range-tops, choose the G300B or G500B.

*For a non-standard residential range-hood with flush-mounted filters underneath or a microwave-venthood combo unit, choose the G600B.

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